Sr Toronjo


Our client was going to launch a new grapefruit soda drink for young people. The problem was that, of course, young people hate advertising and don't listen to it, at least in the traditional way. This meant that we had to came up with something truly original to be successful.

When celebrities become famous, they create their own brand and place a product on the market achieving amazing sales results. So in order to launch a new grapefruit soda drink, we decided to create a new reggaeton singer named Sr. Toronjo, who drew the attention of young people all over the country. After a long artistic carrier and when all the country was talking about him, we decided that it was time for him to launch a soda drink that had his name and his face printed on each bottle.

In the first month, more than 11 million units were sold. But most importantly we created a celebrity that young people loves and want to interact with all the time. The best part is that his face today is our logo.Radio stations, entertainment shows, music channels, news channels and international media like MTV talked and still talk about Sr. Toronjo. Today, our logo sings, gives interviews, dances and makes people feel exited. Some fans ask him for a kiss, others say he has a sexy bum and others even want to have his children… 20.000.000 interactions 6.5% engagement. Pretty good for a new brand that nobody knew one year ago.